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Erection of 24 dwelling including extended access from Knights Templar Court and all associated works following demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings. Pedestrian access onto London Road. (Amended plan received 27/09/21).


RESOLVED: That application 20/02507/FP be GRANTED planning permission subject to the reasons and conditions outlined in the report of the Development and Conservation Manager.



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The Senior Planning Officer presented the report in respect of application 20/02507/FP supported by a visual presentation consisting of photographs and plans and offered the following updates:


·         Two late representations had been made by neighbours.

·         The first had questioned whether further amended plans had been received other than those dated 27 September. The Senior Planning Officer responded and confirmed that neighbours were not consulted on the amended plans as it was not deemed to be material to the scheme.

·         The neighbour also questioned NHDCs role in the decision as the landowner.

·         The second neighbour response received requested more time to review plans, but this was not required as it was a response to the notification of the Committee meeting date.

·         Herts County Council Growth and Infrastructure Unit had requested that secondary education payment was changed from use solely at Knights Templar School towards the extension of Knights Templar School or an additional school north of the town, which had been agreed with the agent.

·         An amended plan had been received which displayed the agreed height reductions on plots 22, 23 and 24.


The following Members asked questions:


·         Councillor Ruth Brown


In response to questions the Senior Planning Officer advised that the footpaths on the site would be for both pedestrian and cyclist use.


The Chair invited Ryan Albone to give a presentation in support of the application.


Ryan Albone thanked the Chair for the chance to address the Committee and gave a verbal presentation, which included:


·         Foxbury owned the land which had the existing property on, as well as the access road. NHDC owned the southern portion of the site, which was formerly allotments last used in 2016.

·         Design of properties has been conducted in line with the character of the surrounding properties.

·         The site has good access to schools, shops and transport amenities in the town.

·         Enhanced sustainability conditions, likely to include triple-glazed windows, EV charging points and solar panels.

·         Section 106 contributions would be made across the town and amount to in excess of £160,000.

·         Development would begin in the new year, with the completion of affordable housing as a priority.


The following Members asked questions and took part in the debate:


·         Councillor Michael Muir

·         Councillor David Levett

·         Councillor George Davies



In response to questions, the Senior Planning Officer advised:


·         Would need to confirm whether the access road was within the application site before they could agree on any yellow lines.

·         Fencing and boundaries would be covered by Condition 5.

·         It was possible to review the agreed working hours on site to make it more suitable for existing residents.

·         Section 106 funds had already been agreed.

·         Would need to confirm the status, whether temporary or statutory, of the allotments previously on the site.


Councillor David Levett highlighted that the social/affordable housing was in a separate block, would rather it be within the development. He also highlighted that there were several different terms for the same sites and roads within the Officer’s report, need to improve on consistency.


In response to questions the Development and Conservation Manager advised:


·         The status of the allotments previously on site would not be a reason for refusal of planning permission.

·         A Traffic Regulation Order and consultation with residents would be required for yellow lines if on public road, with no guarantee of agreement. If the road was private, yellow lines would be unenforceable. Given these factors it would be an unreasonable condition to include in these plans.

·         Officers could explore existing, unused Section 106 money from other developments to fund a fence for the Baldock Allotment Association.


Councillor George Davies announced that he was a member of Baldock Allotment and Leisure Gardens Association and requested advice from Legal Regulatory Team Manager as to a possible declaration of interest.


The Legal Regulatory Team Manager advised that this was currently a proposal from another Councillor, however should this be accepted as a condition it would be a declarable interest.


Councillor Michael Muir advised that his wife was a member of the Baldock Allotment Association.


The Legal Regulatory Team Manager advised that this was a declarable interest by proxy, if the Committee request to grant Baldock Allotment Association funds.


The Development and Conservation Manager advised members that either the application is left as it is and Officers could explore leftover Section 106 funds or there was potential to explore whether Section 106 funds for Open Space in the plans could be used for the allotments. It would be easiest to find the funding for allotments in Baldock from elsewhere.


Councillor David Levett proposed, with no additional conditions, and Councillor Morgan Derbyshire seconded and, following a vote, it was:


RESOLVED: That application 20/02507/FP be GRANTED planning permission subject to the reasons and conditions outlined in the report of the Development and Conservation Manager.


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