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RESOLVED: That the report entitled ‘Planning Appeals’ be noted.  


Audio recording – 8 minutes 44 seconds


The Development and Conservation Manager presented the report entitled ‘Planning Appeals’ and drew attention to the following:


·         Lots of appeals had been submitted and further appeals were in the pipeline.

·         The Gladman’s site in Royston had not launched an appeal and the deadline for this site had passed.

·         The Heath Lane/Codicote appeal decision was awarded costs at appeal and this had been received at £43,000, subject to Officer confirmation. The legal fees defending this decision had come to around £30,000.

·         A training course would be arranged to build on previous training and to reflect on decisions made at previous Planning Control Committee meetings.


The Chair encouraged all Members and substitutes to attend the training organised and also outlined for Members that any sites already allocated in the Local Plan could no longer use Green Belt as a reason for refusing permission.


The Vice-Chair, Councillor David Levett, advised that until the Local Plan was adopted, the Committee would have difficulties refusing plans across the board.


The following Members asked questions:


·         Councillor Mike Hughson


In response to questions, the Development and Conservation Manager advised:


·         The total costs owed by the Council were the £43,000 outlined previously.

·         There was £10,000 spent on enforcement.

·         There was an expectation that the Gladman’s site would require external consultants but as no appeal was lodged, this was no longer required.


RESOLVED: That the report entitled ‘Planning Appeals’ be noted. 

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