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A verbal presentation was given by Agata Kisicka and Ethel Morrell from Nova Wellness CIC regarding their grant application.



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A verbal presentation was given by Agata Kisicka and Ethel Morrell from Nova Wellness CIC regarding their grant application, including:


·         This was a relatively new venture and was established a year ago in response to the pandemic.

·         They run both group therapy events and individual therapy sessions (such as acupuncture, meditation and yoga).

·         The aim was improve the mental health of residents, with a focus on older people, vulnerable people and the long term unemployed.

·         Events were individually tailored based on the requirement of the user and it offers people the chance to experience therapies they would not normally be able to afford.

·         This grant request was to fund two group therapy sessions for carers in Baldock and this would take place during Carers Week in June 2022. 

·         They had developed good connections with partner networks over the last year.

·         People can often feel intimidated coming to a clinic, so the community events help to overcome this issue and these have the most benefit.

·         People attending other session have reported that their confidence has increased, they feel less anxious and are more capable of dealing with the issues in their day to day lives.

·         Most carers are unpaid and this would help to give something back to them for the work they do.


The following Members asked questions:


·         Councillor Michael Weeks

·         Councillor Michael Muir

·         Councillor Juan Cowell

·         Councillor Steve Jarvis


In response to questions Agata Kisicka and Ethel Morrell advised:


·         This was the first move into Baldock but had previously run sessions in Stevenage and Letchworth. It was felt that they needed to run events in different places, as this worked best to attract people to come.

·         If there were specific groups that would benefit they would be happy to look into what support they can offer.

·         Carers would need to get in touch themselves to book onto the session, but they can be referred to the group.

·         All money granted would go towards funding the sessions in Baldock, which included 3 therapists and a tailored session for the day.

·         This was a not for profit group.

·         The grant funds would be for one core session of 1 hour and then further support time afterwards. There would also be time required for setting up and packing away. Often, as these are vulnerable people, other issues are raised and time is spent further supporting individuals. In total it can take around 3.5 hours for a 1 hour session.

·         The sessions usually work well and while it is not one on one, the individuals can choose to do what they feel comfortable with. At the end of the session attendees are asked to review the process.

·         These session helps people socialise where otherwise they would not have the opportunity and with people in similar situations.

·         As a new company there was not a long term model of how this would develop into a continuous service. They are growing and adapting after every session and can change the offer according to the need.

·         The partnership networks developed so far will help to support longer term strategies.