Agenda item


To receive a verbal update from Hertfordshire Constabulary on their work in the Baldock and District Area.


A verbal update was received from PS Lisa Perks and Inspector James Lant of Hertfordshire Constabulary.


Audio recording – 3 minutes 4 seconds


The Chair invited PS Lisa Perks, Hertfordshire Constabulary to present. PS Perks thanked the Chair, gave a verbal update and advised:


·         All crime for Baldock totaled 575 cases this year compared to 486 previously. This was an increase of 18%.

·         Residential burglaries increased to 9 compared to 6 last year.

·         Business burglaries decreased to 4 cases from 10 previously, a decrease of 60%.

·         Theft from motor vehicles rose to 38 reports from 18 last year, which was a 111% increase. This had been agreed as a priority for the Letchworth and Baldock area.

·         Personal robbery remained the same as last year at one offence.

·         Violence against persons totaled 258 cases compared to 222 previously. This was an increase of 16%.

·         Criminal damage cases decreased to 68 cases from 95 last year. This was a reduction of 28%.

·         There were 28 cases of shoplifting this year compared to 11 last year. This was an increase of 154%.

·         Drug possession offences had increased to 16 from 9 previously. Proactive work was being carried out by local Officers, and Neighbourhood Watch was continuing to grow.

·         Public order offences had increased to 46 from 34.

·         Possession of offensive weapons had decreased to one compared to 4 cases last year.

·         Priorities for Baldock and Letchworth included theft from motor vehicles, including catalytic converters and numberplates, speeding on Norton Road and unlawful use of e-scooters.

·         After reports of loitering and asking for money near 20 High Street, the Neighbourhood Team attended the accommodation regularly and this was no longer an issue.

·         There were 2 thefts and one assault. This was a single incident and involved one person. This person was evicted and arrested.

·         There was a slight increase in graffiti within Baldock, with two suspects identified and due to be interviewed.


Inspector James Lant gave a verbal update and advised:


·         There was an overall increase in crime in the county and North Hertfordshire, however Baldock was an outlier.

·         Burglary was a priority point although numbers were low.

·         Theft from motor vehicles was a national issue.

·         The violence against persons figures included historic cases, and increased reporting could explain why figures had increased.

·         Criminal damage and arson were down compared to other areas of North Hertfordshire and the county.

·         Shoplifting was a concern.

·         Possession of offensive weapons had fallen.


The following Members asked questions:


·         Councillor Alistair Willoughby

·         Councillor Steve Jarvis

·         Councillor Tom Tyson

·         Councillor Michael Muir


In response to the questions, PS Perks and Inspector Lant advised:


·         Tesco in Baldock was the biggest concern for shoplifting. Smaller shops and local shopkeepers seemed to be more receptive to Police advice.

·         Theft from motor vehicles occurred all over Baldock, with different areas being targeted at different times by criminals. Operation Feline was looking to target individuals feeding into the stolen car part market.

·         There was correlation with increased crime and the cost of living crisis.

·         Councillors had a mechanism to report crimes to the Police.

·         If residents were uncomfortable with reporting to the Police, Crimestoppers could be used to send anonymous reports.