Issue - decisions

Electoral Cycle Consultation


Councillor Elizabeth Dennis-Harburg moved the recommendations as in the report. Councillor Ruth Brown seconded.


There was debate.


The Democratic Services Manager advised that officer workload and staffing issues would make extending the timeframe of the consultation difficult and impact the analysis of any results from the consultation.


Richard Beesley, Consultant from the AEA, advised that the timeframe of the next round of consultations was determined by the Local Government Boundary Review Commission for England and therefore could not be altered. The outcome of this consultation needed to feed into the Council Size submission and the timescales were tight.


Councillor Elizabeth Dennis-Harburg proposed and Councillor Ruth Brown seconded the following amendment:


1)    That the consultation period end date be extended from 1 November to 8 November and;

2)    that the questions ‘- elect all of our Councillors every four years?; or - elect one third of our Councillors every year’ be amended to stipulate ‘District Councillors,’ in both instances, as well as more reference to District Council throughout.


Following the vote the amendment was carried.


Following the vote on the motion as amended it was:




That Council:


(1)       Approves public consultation of the following question for four weeks starting on 4 October 2021 until 8 November 2021:


Do you think we should (select one only):


·       elect all of our District Councillors every four years?; or

·       elect one third of our District Councillors every year


(2)       Agrees that a Special Meeting of Council be convened following the consultation in order for Council to consider the results of the consultation and determine proposals for any change in its electoral cycle arrangements.


REASON FOR DECISION: To undertake public consultation in preparation for a decision on the Council’s electoral cycle.