Issue - decisions


28/01/2022 - REVENUE BUDGET 2022/23

RESOLVED: That Cabinet approved the decrease in the 2021/22 working budget of £111k, as detailed in Table 5.




(1)  That Council note the position on the Collection Fund and how it will be funded.


(2)  That Council note the position relating to the General Fund balance and that due to the risks identified a minimum balance of £3.05 million is recommended.


(3)  That Council approves the savings and investments as detailed in Appendix B.


(4)  That Council approves a net expenditure budget of £18.123m, as detailed in Appendix C.


(5)  That Council approves a Council Tax increase of £5 on a Band D property (other bands with pro-rata increases). This is in line with the Medium Term Financial Strategy and is equivalent to 2.08%.


REASON FOR RECOMMENDATIONS: To ensure that all relevant factors are considered in arriving at a proposed budget and Council Tax level for 2022/23, to be considered by Full Council on 10 February 2022. To ensure that the budget is aligned to Council priorities for 2022/23 as set out in the Council Plan.