Issue - decisions


15/09/2022 - 3Cs POLICY UPDATE



(1)  That Cabinet adopted the Updated 3Cs Policy, Appendix A – Complaint Flow Chart and Appendix B – Unreasonable Complainant (& Contact) Policy.


(2)  That Cabinet agree to delegate any minor changes in relation to the 3Cs policy to the Service Director – Customers in consultation with the Executive Member for the Customer Service Centre.




(1)  The recommendations are being made to ensure the 3C’s policy stays current and reflects learning since the last review date. The policy continues to remain in line with Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) best practice.


(2)  Some of the specific updates and amendments address matters that have arisen for the first time and therefore adding them now helps to ensure the policy is clear for all going forward.


(3)  The updates ensure the Council has a robust policy to refer to when required, and customers are clear on how the policy works.


(4)  The policies and associated report have been seen by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 06 September 2022.