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22/00982/FP Greenveldt Kennels , Luton Road, Kimpton, Hertfordshire, SG4 8HB

18/11/2022 - 22/00982/FP Greenveldt Kennels , Luton Road, Kimpton, Hertfordshire, SG4 8HB

RESOLVED: That the application 22/00982/FP be GRANTED planning permission subject to the reasons set out in the report of the Development and Conservation Manager with an amendment to Condition 8 reading:


“Condition 8:


Prior to the commencement of the approved development, the following landscape details shall be submitted:


a)  which, if any, of the existing vegetation is to be removed and which is to be retained – including details of tree cutting


b)  what new trees, shrubs, hedges and grassed areas are to be planted, together with the species proposed and the size and density of planting


c)  the location and type of any new walls, fences or other means of enclosure and any hardscaping proposed – hard surfaces shall be of porous materials, or provision shall be made to direct run-off water from the hard surfaces to a permeable or porous area or surface within the curtilages of the dwellings


d)  details of any earthworks proposed


e)  new tree planting to the west and east boundaries of the site, between the trees on the west boundary, and on the east garden boundaries of the approved dwellings.  These trees shall be of native species, with details to be provided as part of b) of this Condition.


Reason: To ensure the submitted details are sufficiently comprehensive to enable proper consideration to be given to the appearance of the completed development.”